Welcome to IrvineGreen Farms


We are a small farm in Kentucky that breed and raise quality tufted and rumpless Araucana chickens since 2008 and have acquired birds and eggs from some of the most knowledgeable Araucana breeders in the country.

We also continue to work hard  to correct the leg color, rumpless, and tufted Araucana birds, which we have made great progress that you can check out in our CHICKEN GALLERYCurrently, there are not many breeders in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky and some people do not realize that there difference types of Araucanas; check out the  video. 


 History of the Araucana

Araucanas originated in a remote area of Chile ruled by Araucana Indians in the 1880’s. The distinctive traits of blue egg, tufts and rumplessness originally were found in two distinct breeds from this region. 

The first breed named “Collonocas”, laid blue eggs and was rumples.  The second breed called “Quetros”, had unusual tufts, but was tailed and laid brown eggs. Crossing these two breeds, over many years the breed was developed with tufted, rumpless birds that laid blue eggs; the first Araucanas!  This breed was introduced at the World Poultry Congress in 1918 and breeders have been working to prefect them ever since.

If you are interested in receiving bulletin notifications when birds become available, contact us to become a member!

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